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The Dainty Collection Origin Story

Welcome to True Melanin! 

Our mission is to uplift and promote confidence in our natural beauty, in support of the CROWN ACT to end hair discrimination. Creating a Respectful and Open World to Natural Hair.

Working as an HR professional as a Black women in Portland, Oregon, I have personally experienced hair discrimination in the workplace. During my natural hair journey, there were days I felt less than confident about my appearance, and the continuous micro aggressions in the office definitely did not help.  

My self esteem was wounded, my Black Girl Magic was starting to fade. I had to solve this internal problem and regain my poise! Did other women in the Natural Hair Community feel the same way?

Driven by the desire to empower other Black women, I wanted to create a chic accessory similar to our beloved Hoop Earrings -without the negative connotations or the possibility of appropriation. We needed something that represented us. 

The words of my elders echoed deep within my subconscious “If they can’t use your comb, don’t bring them home.” A common phrase uttered in Black households for decades. (Don’t act like my Granny was the only one who said it! 🤭

My creative spirit took a trip to Ghana, and gained inspiration from these amazing and powerful ancient Adinkra symbols. 

True Melanin PDX Dainty Collection Gold Filled Non Toxic Egyptian Adinkra Symbols Description

Afro Pick / Duafe - The duafe is the original wooden comb. A styling tool used to maintain textured hair. A symbol of femininity, love, care, patience & resilience. This symbol is regarded as a powerful cultural icon among those who wish to showcase their natural beauty and femininity. 

Ankh- A cross topped by a closed loop, carries a timeless meaning as the hieroglyphic symbol for life” or “breath of life” often used as a symbol of African and Egyptian cultural identity. Representing joy, energy, and fertility.

Evil Eye- Wearing the evil eye talisman is said to protect the wearer from harm by deflecting negative energy back to the person who sent it. Keeping the wearer safe and unharmed.

Our contemporary charms, make you feel special in all spaces. Appropriate for ages 8-88, from the classroom to the boardroom. 

Delicate •Non Tarnish •Nickel Free• Waterproof• Lightweight Jewelry• Affordable Luxury • Everyday Wear •The Original Dainty Collection
Welcome to True Melanin PDX 
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Yours Truly,
Asha True
Asha True Founder True Melanin PDX Dainty Afro Earrings