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About the Brand

I’m Asha True the creator of True Melanin PDX.

During my natural hair journey I noticed a lack of accessories that matched my new outlook on who I was.

Embracing my hair in it’s natural state was much more than a new aesthetic. The journey was definitely a road trip…in reverse. Reversing almost everything I was ever told, shown and taught. Reaching deep within myself and realizing my skin tone is beautiful. My hair texture is beautiful. My heritage is beautiful.

My new confidence led me to rethink many things, most of all, my love of hoop earrings. The only style of earrings I’d ever worn. Hoops!

The black girl in me, knew the confidence that these simple, metallic wires brought. However the newly emerged Natural Black Woman, knew we deserved an alternative that showcased we are more than cheap, disposable, easily appropriated, metal.

We are deep.
We are vibrant.
We are natural.
We are rich.
We are True Melanin PDX.

Replace you hoops... it means, not to settle for the status quo. Be unapologetic about who you are, reach back to the past and make your future exactly what you choose it to be.

Replace your hoops! You deserve jewelry that was created just for you.